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Company Profile

Initial branding of the Pisani Sausages

J&C Pisani Ltd is one of Malta’s leading importers and distributors of a wide range of frozen and chilled products represented in most retail andHORECA establishments. J&C Pisani Ltd. has been established since 1970 but the Pisani family who owns and runs the company, has been involved in the food trade, particularly the meat trade since 1884. The importation of livestock in the

early 19th century, the opening of a butcher shop and then the growth in the importation business, all enabled the family to constantly increase its expertise in food trading and most especially the meat trade throughout all these years.

J&C Pisani Ltd. operates a full Food Safety Management (HACCP) system and has been awarded the EU Health Mark, C 008. Over the years, the company has been continuously investing in technology, training and quality standards to ensure that the company is always at the forefront in its operating sector.

We have a very long History & tradition in the food trade…

Old bag featuring the address of our first shop

The business started off with Gianni Pisani who in those early days of the 19th century, imported livestock and then opened a small butcher shop in Sliema in 1884.  As years passed by and his children started helping in the business, the family continued to make business flourish by increasing the importation business whilst also retaining their butcher shop from where they sold their increasingly popular ‘Pisani sausages’ and ‘Pisani burgers’, which were produced in a small factory in Carmel Street in Sliema.


Directors John and Charles Pisani in 1972

As the business thrived, a separate property in Marsa was acquired to cater for increased demand and the company, J&C Pisani Ltd (named after the founders, John and Charles), was established on the 14th November 1970. This new property included cold storage and modern production facilities.

Later, the import and distribution and manufacturing operations were split into two companies. The manufacturing company, Dewfresh Products Ltd, was established in 1988 and this was responsible for the production of a variety of processed meat products. All products were then produced under the brand name ‘Dewfresh’ which was registed in 1981.

To date, the operation keeps on growing.  J&C Pisani Ltd is one of the main importers of all types of frozen and chilled meats as well as all other types of frozen foods and is a supplier to both the retail and the catering market. It is also the sole distributor of the family’s flagship brand, Dewfresh. The business is still a family run business and both companies together remain important contributors to the local economy.

New refrigerated truck 1981

Construction of new Dewfresh Products Ltd Factory and J&C Pisani Coldstores in 1980

Cold storage stacking the old way 1973 at Albertown Coldstores

Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure that our customer is constantly satisfied with both our products and our service. Our long standing experience in food trading  allows us to constantly provide value for money, good quality products and an efficient and reliable delivery system which can helps us retain our competitive edge within the dynamic food markets.


“I do believe that as much as possible we do need to try and promote Local produce/ingredients to our clients Patrons. In relation to the Pork Produce in Malta, I do believe that our pork quality in Malta is great and competes very well on international levels. This reflects in the marbling of the meat which results in tender meat.

Undoubtedly, whenever I use pork in one of my restaurants or venues, this is being sourced from J&C Pisani.”

Chef Kevin Bonello

“Having forty years’ experience in the catering industry I feel like  I have grown up on the same lines of the Pisani family, from mother to son to grandchildren.

J&C Pisani is my reliable source of fine meats. The family’s direct involvement and experience in the meat trade have made them my preferred suppliers for fresh and frozen meats. Moreover, their flagship brand, DewFresh is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the food industry coming from a family of four generations they do their best to deliver high quality and a vast selection of products while keeping their recipes consistent without cutting corners. The company is also outstanding in delivering my orders on time.

My mind  is at rest when choosing J&C Pisani’s products as part of my everyday menu.”

Michael Cauchi
M Chef DIP