Spaghetti with rabbit liver, GREENS mango and wild thyme (Chef Neil Darmanin)


250g Spaghetti
5 shallots
3 gloves garlic
50g Greens frozen mango
¼ red chilly
¼ glass bajtra liquer
1 tsp wild thyme
1 beef liquid cube
½ glass red wine
80g Greens frozen peas
150 tomato pulp
150g rabbit liver
80g salted butter


In a well preheated saute pan, melt the butter and seal the rabbit liver until browned.

Add the chopped shallot, chilli and garlic, saute until lightly browned.

Add the mango and thyme and keep tossing.

Once the mango is softened, add the cube, stir well and pour in the red wine, liquer, polpa and simmer.

Cook the pasta al dente and toss into the sauce. Add the drained peas, season and serve.